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This is the official web site of the hot music artist Interim Nation. Here you can find:

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Get Interim Nation´s new hot ring tones

Do you have a mobile phone? Would you like a unique ring tone or message tone try these with cool voices?
Here are the first ring tones by Interim Nation.


BrainTeaser PC Game with Interim Nation´s music and sfx now released

Who still knows Tetris? This game started a revolution under the puzzlers. Since then a lot of good
and some bad puzzle games have been released for different formats. Interim Nation is proud to present 
the new puzzle-game, called BrainTeaser: the furry edition.

BrainTeaser is the result of a cooperation between The Quality Team and Interim Nation. Interim Nation has provided
 game with all of its music and sound effects.

What's it all about?Just like with many modern puzzle games, you have to connect three or more blocks with the same picture and then
they will disappear. When you do this before the blocks will reach the top of the playarea, you'll go to the next level with
more frantic action.

The twist is that the blocks will appear from the bottom and that you have to move them like in a shuffle game. This makes
the game harder and much different then the rest.

This is a really fun game with great action. It can be played both against the computer or in two-player mode.

Buy the game now for only $14.95 or 10.77 EUR:

or download the demo version now:


Interim Nation´s Mission is to...

...create the high quality music for your dreams and computer games.

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Interim Nation
Fågelvägen 5b, S-17564 Järfälla, Sweden
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Last modified: 09/10/07