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Interim Nation is a new hot Swedish artist with some very interesting songs within the Dream Music genre. Interim Nation started in late year 2000 by Thomas Stenbäck as a solo project. Thomas has been composing music for about 20 years within many genres from classical to hard rock.

In year 2000 Thomas Stenbäck decided to enter the scene of instrumental electronic music. His idea was to create high quality inspiring and colorful music. The name of the project was Interim Nation which also became the official artist name.

Most of Interim Nation songs are very melodic and uplifting giving you the right feelings. The genre could be described as Dream Music. All songs are instrumental with great melodies and nice sound effects. The music is devided into five categories i e Ambient, Dream Trance, Game Music, Sound Effects and Jingles.

In year 2001 the first album called "Dream Trance - Volume one" was released on In this site you can order a special extended version of the album called "Dream Trance - Volume one plus" with three new songs.

In 2002 the first album sold quite well on Interim Nation became a popular artist and were among the top 40 most downloaded artists on for more than 30 weeks i a row during the year 2002. had about 6100 artists in decmber 2002 when they changed business focus.

In 2003 this official site ( were established and the first album was upgraded with new songs. Interim Nation made a new innovative approach on providing music and digital content. This resulted in a CD filled with extra material called "The World of Interactive Dream Music". Buy the CD and see for yourself.

During the years Interim Nation has been asked several times to provide music sound tracks to upcoming video games and game demos.

The mission for Interim Nation is to make the listeners feel good and find inspiration in the music.

Please just sit back and enjoy some great dream music!

Interim Nation
Thomas Stenbäck


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