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News and Web Changes

5 may 2004
Interim Nation has provided the new top class ten pin game Party Bowling with great music. Information about the game and the music can be found and downloaded on this site here:
Party Bowling Music


7 december 2003
The intelligent puzzel game PushEm is released and Interim Nation has provided the game with music. The music can be found on this site and the game can be downloaded here:

19 june 2003
Interim Nation has been chosen to be the exclusive provider of game music for the book "Game Programming for Teens" by Maneesh Sethi.  The 10 songs are featured on the CD that follows with the book. The music is used in game examples  and can also be used by the readers in their own games. For more information about the book follow this link:
Game Programming for Teens

1 june 2003
Some minor site updates made.

19 may 2003
New review of the song "Future Experience" published, see below.

18 may 2003
First music video "Dream Scenery, opus IV" published under Downloads.

14 may 2003
New review of the song "Future Experience" published, see below.

11 may 2003
New review of the song "Future Experience" published, see below.

4 may 2003
New review of the song "Future Experience" published, see below.

30 april 2003
Minor site updates made.

12 april 2003
The new site layout launched.

3 march 2003
Site updated with more content.

1 march 2003
The new official web site up and running and under construction.


Recent Reviews of Interim Nation

Reviewed song Review text Origin Date published
Future Experience pulsating groove
1. a catchy melody. i like the phasing in and out. and the basslines. and i liek the transistions between parts. the vocals are really dope.
2. Its really great dance music. Its very mainstream yet innovative.
3. For some reason this reminds me of Iio - rapture (deep dish remix)
Fremont, California USA 05/19/03
Future Experience Serviceable
The listener is propelled by all the expected variations of the drum track... its changes confirm the continuation of well-established formulas for successful mainstream dancemusic. A slightly quavering vocal sample is too heavily effected to be coherent, and has a slightly uncertain off-keyness.
Nashville, Tennessee USA 05/14/03
Future Experience Whoa Acid In The Form Of Sound
I enjoyed the intro immensly! WOW! Very trippy and vibed out. Superb then a snappy good beat kicks in and keeps your mind racing. This almost sounds like chemical brothers on another level. Nice choice of female vocals. Flows very nicely. This sounds real professional, as if I am listening to a CD by a major artist. GOOD sound good melody. LOVELY BREAK DOWN! Guitar goes well exactly where it was placed. I must say the beat is punchy and goes well with the jerky melody but the vocals keep it smooth like a good margarita. I feel I should say this is going to get a HIGH rating!
Canton, Michigan USA 05/11/03
Future Experience Good voice
This is a little generic, but harmlessly pleasant enough the melody is probably the highlight along with the vocals. Actually, when the voice came in I was so relieved that it wasn't going to be another boring instrumental. There's a good amount of variety going on here.
Coeur D'alene, Idaho, USA 05/04/03
Future Experience Wonderfull use of delays
...and creates a background ambience effect. Up beat...great vocals...A clear, intriguing sound...FRESH
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 04/12/03
Future Experience Nice textures
Great acid synth sounds with a catchy progression here. The drums patterns are simple, but the sounds are fresh and compliment the atmosphere well. The vocal parts sound a little muffled to me, but the track has a good structure which keeps the listener interested well. Nice textures, good work.
Southend, Essex, United Kingdom 04/12/03
Future Experience Yes
Great song, killer beat and rhythm. I love it, want to hear more. Great melody on the voice. and perfect sound on the drum programming

Houston, Texas, USA 04/12/03
Future Experience Mighty finey
Theres NO WAY I'm gonna turn down turning twisting bubbly acid lines like this! Great beat. Good dancing.
Modesto, Carlifornia, USA 04/12/03
Future Experience Smooth mood groove
Fast Sweeping style synths open this grooving instrumental dance track. Nice sequencing of bass elements throughout and use of abstract female vocals parts are tastefully employed at just the right sort of intervals, having a somewhat distant quality, and left me wondering what, if anything, they were saying. These infact being the best element of the track lending it a catchiness that would otherwise have been lost. There is also some pretty fancy programming and filtering going on here. The rhythm didn't sound terribly forceful though that could be down to my connection and sound set up. Overall the mood was excellent, quite moody despite being an upbeat track
N/A 04/12/03

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