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Dream Trance - Volume one plus (2003)

This is the first album by Interim Nation in a new edition that contains four new great songs and some extra material. The original album was launched on in the year 2001. The album sold well and Interim Nation got about 6000 downloads and listenings in one year.

Music Content

1. Dream Scenery, opus I
2. In the Beginning....
3. Future Experience
4. Sunset at Tioman Island, Part I
5. Sunset at Tioman Island, Part I
6. The Diver Metaphor
7. Rain Forest Interiors
8. Sunset at Tioman Island, Part I+II
9. Human Update
10. Ode to Simpli City
11. Dream Scenery, opus II
12. Dream Scenery, opus III
13. Into Intro
14. First Impressionīs Last


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